My Slightly Insane Week Through LQ IPhone Selfies

So, the last 7 days have been kind of insane.

I moved back to New York (for the next 6 weeks) last Sunday, and started a mind-blowing social media internship with Eloquii the following Tuesday. Since then, I have been living and breathing plus size fashion- which I’m definitely not complaining about.

It’s a little intimidating working right in one of the centers of plus, especially when you’re working with all these amazing people, but I am already getting more out of this internship than I have through any other opportunity.  It’s only been a few working days so I’m not going to really delve into it, but here is a glimpse into my week, courtesy of my terrible selfie taking skills.


image1 copy


image2 copy







I know I’ve been a pretty bad blogger lately, but I’m thinking I’ll try to do one of these recap outfit posts every week? We’ll see!