My Slightly Insane Week Through LQ IPhone Selfies

So, the last 7 days have been kind of insane.

I moved back to New York (for the next 6 weeks) last Sunday, and started a mind-blowing social media internship with Eloquii the following Tuesday. Since then, I have been living and breathing plus size fashion- which I’m definitely not complaining about.

It’s a little intimidating working right in one of the centers of plus, especially when you’re working with all these amazing people, but I am already getting more out of this internship than I have through any other opportunity.  It’s only been a few working days so I’m not going to really delve into it, but here is a glimpse into my week, courtesy of my terrible selfie taking skills.


image1 copy


image2 copy







I know I’ve been a pretty bad blogger lately, but I’m thinking I’ll try to do one of these recap outfit posts every week? We’ll see!


It’s Basically Summer… Right?

SUMMER IS HERE!! I mean, basically. I just finished up my last day of classes, and am about to head home for Summer break (although I’ll only be home for a week, and then headed back to NY for an amazing internship, that I might write about?)

Last week it was in the 80s almost every day, which means my friends and I spent our free time studying on blankets and enjoying the fresh air. I channeled the summer vibes into this very “coachella” (I hate describing fashion as this, but I feel like anything that is vaguely boho/ summery falls under this category) look.


Once I’m back in NYC in a few weeks, I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with such casual outfits on the daily, so I’m trying to take advantage of my favorite cut offs and comfortable tanks while I still can. I think this look is the perfect balance of effortless and laid back, while still being chic and on trend.


I am absolutely OBSESSED with kimonos for summer. They are so lightweight and versatile, but also make every outfit look so seamlessly put together. I got this one at the end of last fall, so I’ve finally started to break this one out at any chance I get.

Happy Summer everyone!


TANK: TARGET (similar) KIMONO:TARGET(sold out, sorry!- by Lily Star)   



(As usual, photos by the ever fabulous Melissa!)

IPhone Look

Hey guys!

So this Friday was my college’s “Spring Formal”, which meant the one day a semester we get to get all fancy and have a good ol’ fashion party. The theme was roaring 20’s, which while overused to the extreme, is always super fun to get dressed for.

I didn’t get a chance to take actual outfit posts, but I of course took a few of low quality Iphone pics before we left.

IMG_3085 copy

our dorm rooms have absolutely terrible selfie lighting, but I was loving the makeup look I did for the night- always a fan of an excuse to wear bold lips 🙂


my friend’s boyfriend came with us,which meant we had a built in photographer for group shots!


This dress was so sparkly and fun to move in. I was a little skeptical because it was sleeveless and a low neckline (apparently I tend towards the more modest end of the spectrum) but in the end I think it was a perfect decision.

Everything I’m wearing is super old so I don’t have any links to post, but I thought this would be a fun more casual type of outfit post.

Let me know if you guys like these type of quick IPhone looks, instead of more staged outfit shoots.

Quick Spring OOTD

Hello all! Of course I’m posting this during the worst rainstorm of the season, haha. I recently gave in to my fundamental need to online shop for some pieces that are more suitable for spring, but can also be worn in other seasons.


I was originally very skeptical of this dress. It is a lot more colorful and high-spirited than my usual aesthetic. However, I absolutely love the shape of it. It can be worn super playfully, but I can also easily pair it with chunky boots and a leather jacket. Even though it does have a lot of color on it, I think the black base makes it a super versatile, useful piece.



For spring, I thought it worked perfectly with my go-to denim jacket that I’ve had for years, and these new sandals.


I absolutely love how the way I accessorize will pick up different details of the dress. I’m all about the bright nails and lipstick, and most of my favorite colors will definitely be complemented with this dress.


While I’m currently curled up in a sweater/ flannel combo during this storm, I know this is going to end up being one of my essential day dresses this season, and I’m so excited about it.

I have a few other new pieces that I’ll be posting looks for, so I’ll see you soon!

(As usual, photos by the ever fabulous Melissa!)

DRESS:ASOS (out of stock, sorry!) JACKET:MACYS (similar) SANDALS: BOOHOO


Wednesday Vibes

Spring has officially sprung in New York. It is becoming time to retire my favorite winter parka, peacoat and, bean boats- but I cannot get myself into Spring colors yet. I’m always one for outfits comprised of black/ gray/ white pieces with a bold lip, and nothing else.



I love winter fashion because I can stay in my comfort color palette, but it is now time to jump out of this zone. I jumped at my last opportunity to pretend I was Wednesday Addams, at least until next fall.




Now time to break out my flowery sundresses, denim jackets and, sandals.

Happy Spring!

(s/o to my ever so fabulous friend Melissa for taking the time to shoot these!)