IPhone Look

Hey guys!

So this Friday was my college’s “Spring Formal”, which meant the one day a semester we get to get all fancy and have a good ol’ fashion party. The theme was roaring 20’s, which while overused to the extreme, is always super fun to get dressed for.

I didn’t get a chance to take actual outfit posts, but I of course took a few of low quality Iphone pics before we left.

IMG_3085 copy

our dorm rooms have absolutely terrible selfie lighting, but I was loving the makeup look I did for the night- always a fan of an excuse to wear bold lips 🙂


my friend’s boyfriend came with us,which meant we had a built in photographer for group shots!


This dress was so sparkly and fun to move in. I was a little skeptical because it was sleeveless and a low neckline (apparently I tend towards the more modest end of the spectrum) but in the end I think it was a perfect decision.

Everything I’m wearing is super old so I don’t have any links to post, but I thought this would be a fun more casual type of outfit post.

Let me know if you guys like these type of quick IPhone looks, instead of more staged outfit shoots.


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