A Rant on Clueless

Like countless other girls growing up in the modern era, Clueless is my holy grail.

The first time I saw it I was in 6th grade. It was 2006, I was 11 and just about to be Bat Mitzvah-ed. These were by far the most awkward years of my life. I did everything in my power to fit in with the general middle school population- I never wanted to stand out. I wore my cropped Victoria Secret “Pink” lime green sweats with my hot pink Juicy couture sweatshirt on a weekly basis- I looked like a walking watermelon. I’d like to think my sense of fashion has evolved since then.

I saw Clueless, and I wanted to embody everything Cher was. Sure, she might be a “ditz” and super naïve about the world, but she also marches to the beat of her own drum (a cliché, I know). Cher never follows other trends- she sets them. She creates fads without the intention of doing so, she’s just expressing herself.

Cher never takes no for an answer. Regardless of how she goes about it, Cher always gets what she wants. More importantly, is the fact that she is not ashamed of this. She does not try to hide her ambition- she embraces it. I feel like in so many films and shows, ambitious, headstrong women are hard to find, and if they do exist, people think they are “bitches”. Cher is inarguably a sweetheart- she bends over backwards for the people she cares about, and often puts them before herself. She is able to balance both her goals and her relationships in the end.

Cher is definitely Clueless about a lot of things in life, but I don’t think she is a bad influence. I view her as my role model for my sense of fashion and values in life. I think she is one of the strongest female characters portrayed in film, and more people should really appreciate that.

(Also, there is a definite plus of young Paul Rudd being one of your earliest celebrity crushes, just after the Jonas Brothers *u*)


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