Quick Spring OOTD

Hello all! Of course I’m posting this during the worst rainstorm of the season, haha. I recently gave in to my fundamental need to online shop for some pieces that are more suitable for spring, but can also be worn in other seasons.


I was originally very skeptical of this dress. It is a lot more colorful and high-spirited than my usual aesthetic. However, I absolutely love the shape of it. It can be worn super playfully, but I can also easily pair it with chunky boots and a leather jacket. Even though it does have a lot of color on it, I think the black base makes it a super versatile, useful piece.



For spring, I thought it worked perfectly with my go-to denim jacket that I’ve had for years, and these new sandals.


I absolutely love how the way I accessorize will pick up different details of the dress. I’m all about the bright nails and lipstick, and most of my favorite colors will definitely be complemented with this dress.


While I’m currently curled up in a sweater/ flannel combo during this storm, I know this is going to end up being one of my essential day dresses this season, and I’m so excited about it.

I have a few other new pieces that I’ll be posting looks for, so I’ll see you soon!

(As usual, photos by the ever fabulous Melissa!)

DRESS:ASOS (out of stock, sorry!) JACKET:MACYS (similar) SANDALS: BOOHOO



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